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Search the Past to Protect your Future

At Janus AI, we strive to improve patient outcomes through artificial intelligence by improving therapeutic and diagnostic treatment of prevalent diseases.

Our company will work towards a future where proactive medicine is the norm thus allowing patient's to live a higher quality of life while reducing the need for costly care. Reducing healthcare burdens for patients and their families will benefit communities, healthcare institutions and managed care industries. 


Siegrid Pregartner

I am an US Army veteran and mother of two. Dementia is a tough topic, no one wants to talk about it. It destroys families and homes, I've seen it when I used to go with my mom, a nurse, to visit patients. I want build a community of healthcare professionals who will gain the confidence to counsel patients on life with dementia and how to build effective healthcare plans. Collaboration is the key to improving dementia care and I am looking forward to creating a comfortable environment for these discussions.

Meet the Co-Founders


Sig and Laura are both PharmD students at the University of South Florida Taneja College of Pharmacy.


With the support of their professors and as members of the USF Student Innovation Incubator, they each have a story which inspires them to bring Janus AI to the dementia healthcare landscape.

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Laura Borgerding

I was a middle school science teacher who served underrepresented communities when I decided to pursue research, a PharmD and a Master's in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology. I want to pursue research on dementia because it has always been a part of my life. I have watched family members struggle with the disease and how it influenced our day to day lives. It is my goal, and hope, that Alzheimer's disease will no longer be an impact on my life and those families who are at highest risk.


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